The late greatly revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej (pictured above) ordered the Trade Association Act on 4th April 1966 instructing that there be a law on Trade Associations. Section 8 of the Act instructs that “No person shall establish a trade association unless a license has been obtained from the Registrar.”

Click here for information about the Act provided by Chaninat & Leeds a leading law firm in Thailand.

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Section 41 of the Act instructs "Any person who contravenes section section 8 shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year or to a fine not exceeding ten thousand Baht or to both."

In 2019, a long-term member and senior Director with Skal International Thailand publicly confirmed; "We can assure you that Thailand Skal Clubs have never registered as a Trade Association."

Skal Club statutes instruct that clubs must register under local laws - see reference bottom of this page.

Being non-legal entities, Skal Clubs in Thailand have never complied with Thai Revenue Department rules regarding tax reporting.

One of the current non-Thai Directors with Skal International Thailand lives in Thailand on a retirement visa that prohibits work; paid / unpaid, voluntary / involuntary and who works as foreign media without the accreditation required by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Current Skal statutes prohibit retirees from holding representative office on any committee.

Skal rules for National Committees (statutes) requiring the Associations registration in Thailand show at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions about Skal Clubs in Thailand, you can contact:

Andrew Wood

also, Vice President Skal International Asia and a Director on the National Committee for Skal International Thailand

Email: OR

Andrew once described himself as "wealthy retired" in Thailand. Despite this, he keeps busy working in many media roles and is frequently sponsored by Thai statutory authorities to report Thai tourism events to his limited Skal social media following.

Skal club statutes state:

"The A.I.S.C., also known as Skål International, is an International Association of Travel and Tourism Professionals. Membership is voluntary and open to those travel and tourism professionals holding managerial positions and who are recognised for their honesty and integrity. They must qualify in accordance with the regulations of Skål International."

Skal club statutes clearly instruct:

"the Club should be legally registered as a non-profit making association, member of Skål International – International Association of Tourism Professionals. When possible and in accordance with local laws and procedures, the Club should file its Statutes, which are complementary to the Statutes and By-Laws of Skål International and, also, of the Statutes and By-Laws of the National Committee when in existence. If the Statutes are rejected, by any authority, the Club must obtain, in writing, an explanation of the decision and details of the specific objection(s). This information must be forwarded to the Secretary General for decision by the Executive Committee."

"By accepting membership in Skål International, travel and tourism professionals undertake to work towards the achievement of the Mission, Principles, Objectives and Purpose of Skål International, as defined in the Statutes. They will be expected to abide by the requirements set out in all the official publications of Skål International to regulate the organisation of the Skål Movement as listed in the By- Laws.


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