The late greatly revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej (pictured above) ordered the Trade Association Act on 4th April 1966 instructing that there be a law on Trade Associations. Section 8 of the Act instructs that “No person shall establish a trade association unless a license has been obtained from the Registrar.”

Click here for information about the Act provided by Chaninat & Leeds a leading law firm in Thailand.

Skal rules for National Committees (statutes) requiring the Associations registration in Thailand is shown at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions about Skal Clubs in Thailand you can contact:

Wolfgang Grimm

President Skal International Thailand


Wolfgang is Vice President of Andamana Hotels Krabi embracing three resorts: Aonang Cliff Beach Resort, Crown Lanta Resort and Spa and the Alisea Boutique Hotel. He is also President of the Skal International Club in Krabi.

Andrew Wood

Vice President Skal International Asia


Andrew once described himself as "wealthy retired" in Thailand. Andrew is also President for Skal International Bangkok. Despite being on a retirement visa in Thailand for almost 10 years, Andrew keeps busy working in many media roles and is frequently sponsored by Thai statutory authorities to report Thai tourism events to his Skal social media following.

Skal statutes clearly instruct:

"The Skål National Committee should be legally registered as a non-profit making association of Skål Clubs by presenting these Statutes, which are complementary to the Statutes and By-Laws, according to the local laws and procedures of the country where it is formed. If the official register of the country does not accept the Statutes of the Skål National Committee for legal reasons, then the official decision of the relevant authority explaining, in writing, the motives and terms of the Statutes that require modification must be forwarded to the General Secretariat for decision of the Executive Committee."


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